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* Previously known as “Gwangju International Senior Fair
DatesNovember 11(Fri) - 13(Sun), 2022 VenueKimdaejung Convention Center, Korea Hostlogo Co-Organizers  

 Exhibit Profile

Medical Industry Zone
Biomedical material part (dental, orthopedic, cardiovascular, etc.), IT medical convergenc technology Optical medical instruments, Life care, Medical IOT/ICT, other medical devices and equipment, etc.
Senior Industry Zone
Physical therapy devices and equipment, Hearing aid devices, Senior•Disabled assisthing devices, Medicines, Hygience products, Cane, Wdlfare vehicle, Silver financial instrument, Leisure, etc.
Safety•Eldercare Industry Zone
Dementia care, Hospital facility,Nursing home, Medical care consultation, Nursing•Care service, Health care center, etc.
Medical Tour Zone
Domestic•Regional representatives hospital, Agency for foreign patients acquisition, Educational institution for coordinator, Specialized travel agent for medical tour, Hotel, Airlines, etc.
Health & Beauty Product Zone
Health & Beauty product, Anti-aging, natural health food, Eco-friendly household items, Organic food, Health supplements, etc.
Health Classes & Experience Zone
Guest speaker lecture, Medical association, Specialized hospital for health examination, etc.